A new season

It's a strange feeling as all the sport restarts. all the hype, the expectation, the ups and the downs. THIS WILL BE A BETTER SEASON!!!!!!!!! you are ready for the celebrations and the hurt. For me it means more long days, more people to meet and more faces to remember as RockSport keep moving forward. I have been paying particular attention to Ice Hockey, It's a sport I love watching but lost my with when I was younger Dallas Stars and Anaheim Ducks all the way.........I've always made sure to give the sport a lot of time on air.

We have been doing a lot of work with Braehead Clan lately since they are in the Champions Hockey League. Trying to get more players into the studio

Braehead Clan's Stefan Meyer joined us in the studio earlier today.

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Stefan Meyer is forever a funny guy.

I have to admit when The Clan signed Ric Jackman I must have floated to the moon and back, Former Dallas Stars and Anaheim Ducks defenceman who won the Stanley Cup, Epic right? We had to have him in!

Had Braehead Clan's Ric Jackman in the studio today. #ricjackman

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Well Braehead got their first CHL win on Saturday against ERC Ingolstadt, 6 - 4. really amazing game. I spoke to Alex Leavitt and Chris Bruton after the match and you could tell how much it meant to them.

Last week we also had Will Hall and Jonny Bunyan in from Glasgow Rocks

Jonny Bunyan and Will Hall of @glasgowrocks joined us in the studio earlier.

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Despite his age Jonny is a Rocks Veteran whereas Will is new to the team, Although he is from Sheffield he has family ties to Paisley. I have to admit I am looking forward to the new BBL season, I love basketball. Playing it, watching it....anything. The Rocks are our only professional team so it's great to support them, I expect big things from them too, they have a young fast squad this season.

The Rugby World Cup starts soon, C'mon Scotland and oh yeah..........football

I am very much looking forward The Davis Cup too, I will be there for RockSport, Yeah me interviewing Andy Murray.....Who will smile first?.....HIM lol

Speak Soon........Jon

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