A new season

It's a strange feeling as all the sport restarts. all the hype, the expectation, the ups and the downs. THIS WILL BE A BETTER SEASON!!!!!!!!! you are ready for the celebrations and the hurt. For me it means more long days, more people to meet and more faces to remember as RockSport keep moving forward. I have been paying particular attention to Ice Hockey, It's a sport I love watching but lost my with when I was younger Dallas Stars and Anaheim Ducks all the way.........I've always made sure to give the sport a lot of time on air.

We have been doing a lot of work with Braehead Clan lately since they are in the Champions Hockey League. Trying to get more players into the studio

Braehead Clan's Stefan Meyer joined us in the studio earlier today.

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Stefan Meyer is forever a funny guy.

I have to admit when The Clan signed Ric Jackman I must have floated to the moon and back, Former Dallas Stars and Anaheim Ducks defenceman who won the Stanley Cup, Epic right? We had to have him in!

Had Braehead Clan's Ric Jackman in the studio today. #ricjackman

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Well Braehead got their first CHL win on Saturday against ERC Ingolstadt, 6 - 4. really amazing game. I spoke to Alex Leavitt and Chris Bruton after the match and you could tell how much it meant to them.

Last week we also had Will Hall and Jonny Bunyan in from Glasgow Rocks

Jonny Bunyan and Will Hall of @glasgowrocks joined us in the studio earlier.

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Despite his age Jonny is a Rocks Veteran whereas Will is new to the team, Although he is from Sheffield he has family ties to Paisley. I have to admit I am looking forward to the new BBL season, I love basketball. Playing it, watching it....anything. The Rocks are our only professional team so it's great to support them, I expect big things from them too, they have a young fast squad this season.

The Rugby World Cup starts soon, C'mon Scotland and oh yeah..........football

I am very much looking forward The Davis Cup too, I will be there for RockSport, Yeah me interviewing Andy Murray.....Who will smile first?.....HIM lol

Speak Soon........Jon

Back with a vengeance

What can I say? I haven't posted in a long time due to being ultra busy. It's barely an excuse, I know but I have a good reason. For over a year now I have been working on commercial radio. I can imagine all the whooping, cheering and hollering......NOT!!!! Truth is this is barely the first rung on the ladder. It started way back last year when I got an email, Asking if I would be interested in working for a new radio network, at that time named Eklipse Sports Radio.....Bit of a mouthful? lol. The idea was to broadcast sporting news and updates throughout central Scotland on DAB, online and on your smartphone. It started off ok, I found myself being idealistic about radio for the first time in a while. I wanted to lead the charge head on. The hours were and still are tough at times. The tougher thing has been seeing some people come and go, even those you had regarded as friends. Radio is a tough business and if you can't cut the mustard then you can't stick around. That goes for me too.

Being the producer here I have found myself grow, from the beginning sticking my head down and working hard and pushing content, content, content to refining the content and and scheduling and so on. I have had my creative differences with people, I think about ideas and weigh up situations and sometimes they work, sometimes they don't get off the paper they were written on - I have learned not to take it personally. if it doesn't work then it doesn't work.

I then went off to work in production at the Commonwealth Games which were in Glasgow, Oh boy that was fun....Long hours working, presenting pieces for their official channel, logging sports and working at the Field Hockey. I also got to watch many events and have good memories. some that stand out are seeing my Brazilian friend accidentally walk through the judging box at the Gymnastics, collecting various nations/broadcasters badges and ending up at a fast food restaurant with some of the Scottish Netball team and a Barbadian actress at 5am - I still made Eklipse the next day.

Commonwealth Games 2014

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When working at the games you were treated as one of the team and expected to act like it, I took this back with me to ESR, I was intending doing my fourth year at university but I decided against it - I already earned my degree. I hit the ground running coming back to Eklipse, I was more confident to do more. I found myself volunteering to go to events like the Scottish Open Grand Prix - badminton event (it's broadcast live throughout Asia and yet despite Scotland doing well in the sport no one else here really covered it) I also decided to take on the mantle of basketball correspondent.

In January we became RockSport....well we play Rock and talk about Sport.......so the name does exactly as it says on the tin. The launch day was fun, we had former Rangers captain Barry Ferguson in the studio along with James Wallace from Edinburgh Capitals, Matt Haywood from Braehead Clan and Jamie Farndale of Edinburgh Rugby....nice people, fun times.

It still gets me occasionally when I speak to famous sport stars, when they answer the phone saying Hello Jon and how are you.....what I matter? lol it feels nice to be making a mark in radio. I find myself working a lot with various organisations, just the other day we had Braehead Clan captain Matt keith and head coach Ryan Finnerty live in the studio.....really nice,funny guys.

Just had Braehead Clan's Matt Keith and Ryan Finnerty with us on RockSport.

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The weeks seem to fly by these days, long hours and a lot of work. I love it and hope it continues. Every day is a new learning experience and I aim for that to continue for a long while to come.

My my what a busy time!

Hey you been way too long hasn't it? I have been busy busy busy and rather neglected the website. Now I’m sure you haven’t noticed lol but in that same vote this is rather important to me, Very web 1.0 I know, or at least web 1.7 (if that is a thing). It’s all very therapeutic to put down my thoughts, feelings and my soon never to be serialised life story. The 25th birthday of the internet has not long passed and we are more connected and closer together but somehow further apart, lost in translation.

I have been run off my feet with university and other work as well as having had my computer broken. Now I must first admit want to set up or at least join a procrastinators anonymous group because I seem to be like that with uni work lately. March was a particularly hectic month for me....was I coming or going, I just don't know! Between family members in hospital (they are fine now) and five different HBSA Radio roadshows ( I attended four) along with commonwealth games orientation (I may be part of it through the Host Broadcast Training initiative...we will see) I was also attending and interviewing at a gig in King Tut's, Glasgow, Attending both days of the Creative Loop, New opportunities and a whole load of radio shows........I had rushed some of my university radio work though because of this, and rushing is never a good thing. I am however determined to keep you all up to date on here, Mixcloud and everywhere else possible.

So yes my Christmas was a quiet one which I prefer, as was my birthday. December was when I started broadcasting on HBSA Radio it's been a blast, In February I started back at university for my second term, It's been pretty hectic. The Host Broadcast Training initiative has been really good, I have learnt a lot I now have a "health and safety passport" and my first sticker is for running outdoor broadcasts, This is valid for five years and totally invaluable for me. The health and safety seminar was held at the city of Glasgow college which I had never been to before, It is very easy to find being right next to Queen Street train station and Buchanan bus station. I knew I was going to be quite early in the morning so I walked from Bothwell street to North Hanover street easy walk and I was still quite early. The day felt long but that was probably because of the early rise.

The commonwealth orientation event was pretty epic, I picked Saturday morning as I had a slight dilemma. I could either attend on the Friday evening and miss my HBSA radio show (Boo!!!!) and make the Irvine leg of the HBSA #BigBadRoadShow (YAY!!!!)  or Do my HBSA radio show (YAY!!!!) and Miss the Irvine leg of the roadshow (Boo!!!!) I decided to do the radio show and miss the roadshow (You are welcome one person!). For the orientation event itself I was early...One of the first in the queue at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, It was raining so I was glad to be one of the few under the shelter of the building, They let us in early though (games makers spirit and all that).

The HBSA Big Bad Roadshows took place throughout Ayrshire in march in Kilmarnock, Irvine, Greenock, Ayr and Kilbirnie as I said I couldn't make Irvine however i made the rest of the roadshows and they were pretty fun, In Kilmarnock I dressed up as Batman *Insert Fat man Joke here* I got lots of attention walking around kilmarnock as the caped crusader as well as people wanting pictures with me however I must bow down to the supremacy of the Stig, All he had to do was stand there and people would want pictures with him and give lots of money to us. Through the weeks I came up with the idea of a mascot dance off between our Zingzilla and elephant, (luckily I was not in the costumes at those times). We got to meet some characters during the roadshows like the two girls who would not leave me alone in Ayr, One of them was really jammy though as she kept winning prizes in our tombola....her friend kept losing which was kind of funny.

I attended the creative loop, this year mainly for the HBTI and it was pretty fun, I got to meet people from Sunset and Vine as well as Global TV. SVGTV are the host broadcasters for the Commonwealth games in Glasgow.

The Creative Loop is always fun, The HBTI finished early on the Thursday which meant I could attend some of the radio events, I also got to meet some old radio buddies and my flowery shirted college lecturer John Collins how is Legend...for real. We a group of us including John were sitting at the bar while the award ceremony was taking place (he got like one million mentions). After the event we got to mingle with all the award winners including someone I know from university, She looked pretty lost as her friends couldn't attend the ceremony and went home so I introduced her to my old college crew (I think she is still ok!)

I had also before the creative loop, attended a gig at King Tut's in Glasgow...it's easy to see why it's the best gig venue in the UK. I went to see Polar bears in Purgatory and Your Favouite Enemies, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeff Beaulieu of Your Favorite Enemies before sitting through the sound checks....I was blown away by the bands even then. and of course the gig itself was A-mazing!

.So yeah things have been busy, I am going to be updating here and Mixcloud with my HBSA Radio shows, This year like last I had the March blues where things happening one after the other and I never felt good about most of what i was doing but now I can already look back in hindsight and be happy that things are coming together...Also look out for my news on a possible new opportunities I have....More to come!

Year Three: Week Six

Halfway through the first term.

This week has been an odd week....as so many others are,

Monday was a lazy day for the first time in a fortnight. I was researching for my GCI submission. I also got this weeks YFS content from the west sent to me. For whatever reason I couldn't sleep. I remember speaking to King Keytan on facebook at one point early in the evening (he had his research pitch the next day) I couldn't sleep so went back on to Facebook just after 5am, He was still online. I guess he was just getting himself in the mood for Halloween by becoming zombie keytan or something. I felt embarrassed to be yawning away in class the next day when there were people there who had stayed awake for two days straight finishing off their pitch. We had a lecturer in discussing content for our exam in December. YAY an exam!

On Wednesday I was in uni all day In the morning we were to record our voice overs for the five minute news item....I already had! Next week we are to collect Voxpops (Latin for voice of the people) I already have!..It's not that I'm a brown nose or anything but at college we always had tighter deadlines so I am more used to being able to do high quality research, get access, interviews and Voxpops fast. It all bodes well though as it's just ever more experience on the long road we call life....or something like that anyway.

In the afternoon I had studio lab, I went down early as always. The studio was locked as it sometimes is. One of the actors knows a 'not so secret' passageway into the studio. I was following him to this stargate-esque portal when I ran into Mitchy, He was looking for a meeting room, Like all good presidential west wing walks the subject suddenly changed. We eventually found his fabled room. I walked back to the studio expecting the actor dude to have opened the door but the handle from the inside of the door had fallen off so I had the pleasure of walking all the way back round and using the hidden entrance..as I was going through I did jokingly say "If I end up in Narnia I will kill you"....It was as anti climactic as you knew it would be though...What did I find but the studio I was trying to get into in the first place. It wasn't long before everyone else arrived.

I was asked to change the file name for this weeks recordings, I dutifully did, I then went back into the tricaster system to double check (because I'm like that) and as soon as I clicked the mouse an alarm went off, for one brief weird second I thought JAnet had turned into skynet, It was the fire alarm. Of course I got up and out the room without thinking about my jacket...I had to stand out in the pouring rain, I made a point of not standing under the shelter of the building though just in case it was a real fire.........It wasn't.

We eventually got back in and set up the scene for the first group of actors, A German counterpart in Studio lab....(She is so efficient!) brought her Portuguese friend in to take photos, She was nice but it was the worst possible day for her to come in as half way though the first groups scene the fire alarm went off again. I made a point of getting my coat this time. Myself and the director we stuck outside for ages, by the time we got back they were just about to restart the scene. We got back to our positions and as I sometimes do I said the cheesiest thing possible at that given time as I told the actors "you guys were doing so well, You were so on fire that even the alarm picked it up"....I got laughs if even only for pity...You know like the laughs "comedian" Justin Lee Collins would get because "at least he tried". We were doing great. Our Greek director then decided it would be fun to randomly start saying German words to our floor manager/camera-person. Who is German (she is so efficient!) Mine was schadenfreude.....Yes I know what it means! No it's not a swear word! :p.....I was proud of it anyway.

I got home after a long day and started preparing my pitch for the 5th.....Yes on the same day as bonfire night, Lets just hope it doesn't go up in flames although if the fire alarm goes of during my pitch I will take it as a good sign :p...I'm on fire!

Oh and here was my Halloween costume.
The costume is some sort of post apocalyptic death lol

Year Three: Week Five

The week I realised my post titles were boring.

I written this on Sunday but went away to do stuff and didn't post it lol

Of course last week I posted on Monday, due to laziness but this week has been very different. As you know I had my radio class on Monday and met a friend in Glasgow too and got some yummy stuff from the Chinese supermarket.

Tuesday was a great day, I went into uni with an amazing idea for my pitch in research class...it was like a moment of clarity really, We also had a guest lecturer. I stayed back after class to both annoy David and research for my graded radio segment and pitch for research class......I hit on some pretty good stuff and I guess got lucky with it too as you will find out.

I also edited The West Region Podcast - Episode 7 for YFS

On Wednesday I was in studio lab and was working behind the Camera. It was a good

I also edited The Central Region Podcast - Episode 7 for YFS

Thursday was a very long day, I was procuring interviews and access for my radio piece. It took a while but I got it sorted.....I was really happy as I would be able to test my new Zoom H4N recorder.

I was part of the crew that was filming Kickin' the Baws for Youth Football Scotland in Ayr......Last week I spoke about how I sometimes love the 'flying on the seat of your pants' attitude....Well at times we were doing that here...it was their first time filming the show so they wanted to take risks and try some stuff out. I was all things to all men, Set design. Camera operation, vision mixing, some directing and sound engineering (especially when the band performed) It was a great night, a long night but a good one. We had a Hibernian "star player" in for an interview too. At one point he was asking for advice, I thought he was meaning on interviews and media but I now genuinely believe he was asking how to play better football.......Goodness knows Hibs need to learn how, and fast........ :p. I didn't get home until after midnight.

On Friday I was in Troon......Yes really! I was there for my radio shizz. I had to go into university first to print off some release forms so I missed breakfast, I thought I would miss lunch too.....I know I know I could be doing with missing a few meals lol........When I got to Troon I had to go to the episcopal church...really easy to find, I also found they laid on a spread too.....Not for me (Troon are hardly that desperate for Tourists).....I felt like I was in Calender girls or Hot Fuzz....One of those places with cricket stumps in the village green and where the women's institute who are having as a guest speaker. A man who was captured by Somali pirates get it horrifically wrong by dressing up as pirates to meet him (True Story). I was hobnobbing with local politicians and reverends alike. I was given free reign of a massive room too where I conducted interviews. I set three chairs on a stage and my H4N on a mic stand, I felt like Andrew Neil or David Frost (although nowhere near as worthwhile) I interviewed the two politicians who were there, Labour and Conservative....( When I heard this my eyes lit up with beacons) I covered a lot in the interviews....My story is mainly of the now and lots of key issues had to be discussed. I felt I done ok (at best) I interviewed Reverend Tom Montgomery too. A really great guy who basically gave me the access and the rights to do what I wanted to get done.

The day wasn't over yet as I still had to get a costume and go to a Halloween scare night or as my friend called it "cavorting in a field" I told her there is no cavorting....she doesn't believe me!

My weekend was spent recovering lol....oh and watching formula One

Year Three: Week Four

The Week that I wrote a week later,

There had been a rather nondescript start to the week, More boring if anything. I was in on Monday with my radio class being moved for a couple of weeks from the Wednesday. (the class I was talking about being the early start in my last post)
There were only three of us in the class, There are normally eight. It was a good class, We were listening to different features and news shows. After class I had to go up to Glasgow to collect my Zoom H4N and 32GB SDHC card I reserved at maplin. The Zoom H4N is a top of the range audio recorder for all situations.....And for me it's been three and a half years in the waiting.I also got a new Jacket and shoes (fun right?)

On Tuesday our research class was taken over by a library skills class....The class is basically how to reserve a book from the UWS library and online as well as how to Harvard reference different types of writings. We get the library skills class every year to help refresh our memory however......It seems to go over my head. I try and listen and can understand everything but I'm been given a wall of information that I can't breakdown. We had to do an exercise on the references which myself, David and King Keytan (No really!, He only wishes to be called this) worked together on. We also watched each others short films again. I survived this weeks King Keytan Pokemon lecture......I believe he calls himself King Keytan because he gets confused between Craig and Craggy Way. Well that's what I was told anyway......

I also edited the West Region Podcast for YFS

YFS West Region Podcast: Episode 6

Wednesday was Studiolab day....I was only in on the afternoon. I spent so much time in a daze during the morning that I completely missed the earlier bus and train. I was going to go in earlier so I could go buy someone a birthday present.....I did however get into Studiolab just on time ;). This week in Studiolab I was the vision mixer, I was working with a first year as director...She was very good! The actors were taking their improv to a whole new level with 'place' being their main thought. We had cues to work with as well. There is nothing like flying by the seat of your pants...It's scary at first then somehow exhilarating as you wait for the actors every move and especially their cue.

I randomly met a friend on the train home which was nice, Although I must have been a nuisance, I kept on yawning (Not out of boredom that is for sure).

on Thursday afternoon I had GCI, We are starting two weeks of moodle discussion board classes, We have to discuss and argue against a specific view on globalisation. The class only lasted an hour but it was a good class as we got to understand the workings of how this discussion board would work. Half way through the class I almost bust out laughing, I noticed Myself, David and King Keytan were inadvertently sitting the same way, We were sitting up straight and arms folded....(it wasn't really funny.....I know!

Because of the early finish Myself and David had to wait around the train station for ages.....

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent doing very little, I felt that after my sound production heroics from Ravenscraig last week I deserved a rest (I was just being lazy)

Today (Monday) I was rather busy, I had radio production in the morning (which was a fun class), I also traveled up to Glasgow to meet a friend, I hadn't seen her in forever basically. It was great fun chatting with her about life and other stuff :p....

Before I met up with her I decided to give the Chinese supermarket a visit. I think I could have just about bought the whole shop to be honest. I ended up settling on three things

Seafood flavoured noodles, Taro Mochi and a bottle of cold milk tea.
Yes I know I could have done better but hey I was in a rush because I was meeting my friend :)

This has been a weird week, I thought I was making headway but that was superficial, I need to get my head down and try and work hard.

Year Three: Week Three

The week of....I don't know what...lol

This week was yet another busy week indeed, So much so I haven't had much time to think let alone reflect on this very late in the day post Monday was my usual very boring Monday, I did find out that my Wednesday morning radio production class was moved to next Monday (as I write this tomorrow) morning at 10am....So an early start to the week for me :p

This Tuesday I had my research class again and it was great, I got some feedback on my pitch idea and I feel I know where to go with my idea now. I also got a three hour lecture on the power rangers...Well it felt like three hours anyway...I started editing for the YFS West Region podcast too.

West Region Podcast: Episode 5

On Wednesday I only had a half day, I was in for Studiolab, I was floor manager this week, I love being floor manager especially when the gallery are on the ball and I don't have the curse of the walkie-talkie....but it's an experience to learn from. Later on the train I also got to speak about radio as the theatre of the mind...so I was happy :)

On Thursday I had GCI, I almost missed my bus stop to the train station because the lecturer posted a link about maps...Now it wasn't just a map of the world, The maps were looking at things like countries that use the metric system and countries the UK haven't invaded and such like. I had a quiet lunch at the train station...yes that's my life at the moment :p. When I went into class my friend David and I had a slight Facebook squabble, He added someone and had to find someone else through their friends list (he insists it's in no way stalking..and in fairness it wasn't) Anyway it turns out I had added the person he was trying to add....He just added a random person and they accepted :p. I also edited the YFS East region podcast too.

East Region Podcast: Episode 3

Friday was just another boring day where I was getting ready to help YFS cover the the Girls cup semi finals on the Saturday, I had lot's planned but never got anything done...I guess I really overslept.

On Saturday I was up really early to go to Ravenscraig near Motherwell to be the sound engineer at the Girls cup semi finals, It was a long day spent outside in the cold. I was the Outdoor sound engineer and worked on three games...It took a lot out of me nonetheless, I went home and slept for three hours and yet I still managed to sleep all that night too.....

Ah the joys of an early morning Monday start....I shouldn't complain, I'm relatively certain I can't complain, But I will anyway.

More to come next week...stay tuned, or whatever else they say......

Year Three: Week Two

Week two, the week things start to settle. Well you would think anyway. Due to some unforeseen circumstances I got some of the YFS content later than normal which meant I was up until the wee hours of wednesday and thursday editing the west and east region podcasts....I'm sure I didn't have to be but once I get audio to edit time becomes non existent.

Tuesday this week was a simple enough day, I had to hand in my first draft idea for my pitch in research class. I am pitching my TV show idea on the 5th of november....so remember remember the 5th of november has a whole new meaning this year lol.

On wednesday because I was editing most of the night before I only had a couple of hours sleep, Now this was not a major issue in the morning as I had my radio A class with the seven other students in it . Another class tried to hijack our room but Chris my lecturer eventually told them where to go......The cafeteria lol. One of the things we had to listen to on wednesday was the shipping forecast, Now the shipping forecast is a good example of radio but try listening to it when you are tired!. In the afternoon I was doing studiolab with the actors for a second week. I was hoping to maybe do sound again or be a camera operator but I was thrust into the role of director....Week two was the week many of the production staff had other stuff on so there was only a few of us. I had a Floor manager whose first language was not english, Now he was very easy to communicate with that was not a problem although he sometimes found the accents a slight issue. He had to be floor manager and a camera operator......we were running that short. So he had a lot put upon him and the actors at times were not very forgiving. We were running so short our producer who is also a member of university staff had to also become a camera operator halfway through the day. Everyone is starting to understand their roles so studiolab should run smoother as time goes on.

As I previously mentioned I was editing a podcast for wednesday:

West Region Podcast - Episode 4 

Thursday was slightly more relaxed as I had Global Cultural Industries, Although I was waaaay more tired, I felt like a zombie (or at least how I imagine it would feel like to be a zombie).....I wonder though if I was the most tired of my friends as on the way home David was trying to get us onto the Kilmarnock train....I'm really not sure why either.... I forgot to mention last week but David kept almost getting juice (soda) down him on the train....only once by me!...The other time by actresses we met.

I edited a podcast for thursday too

East Region Podcast - Episode 2 

Yes it's true, I've been waiting for a chance to start watching Breaking Bad before it finished but alas it never came so I decided to start watching the day after it finished. I've finished season one now. Very good indeed
and as far as I am aware (don't tell me!!!!!!!!) It gets better :p. This is when all the good shows start and I'm sure I will miss most of them due to being extremely busy.

Next saturday I will be working at the girls cup semi finals in Motherwell for Youth Football Scotland. Will be interesting to work on the commentary production side and busy I'm sure. I will also be working on the recording of Kickin' the baws for Youth Football Scotland on the 24th too...The 24th will be a long and fruitful day.

I'm supposed to have relatives coming over from America in the next week or so. One does wonder if their government shutdown goes any further if they will be able to get back when they plan too. (Just a random thought so no politics please!!!!!!!)

Bring on week three!

Year Three: Week One

Hey guys, Well my first week of classes finished this week, I have a good idea of what is expected of me this year :p I also have a lot of work to do. My first class was a tuesday afternoon class called research. Now I guess research is self explanatory and probably seen as quite simple but it truly is the foundation of the media industries. My Lecturer is Lynn Sinclair....Lynn is a lecturer I like because she doesn't take any rubbish but also because she explains things so well. I have to create a ten minute pitch for four weeks time, I need to pitch an idea for a show by myself. Such a good challenge!

On wednesday..well now wednesdays are a long day this term indeed. In the morning I have radio production A, In this course we have to make a graded news item, Radio show, Adverts and documentary.  These are all things I've done before so I at least know what is expected of me. The radio module this year only has eight of us in class, I think this is a good thing because I can have more time with the lecturer and that all the egos have gone to the TV module. I volunteered for the Studio Lab this year too. Studio lab is basically a collaboration between acting students and production students with the actors taking centre stage.....(They have the ideas first then we work out how to film it). I was working on sound this week.

I have to sit about for one and a half hours between my radio production class and Studio lab...an extended lunch if you will lol. This week was freshers week. There were lots of stalls so I got many pens, erasers, wristbands, bottle openers and eventually some free pizza. I used my time to talk to some of my film student friends and the manager of Ratios.....a great band that I am trying to feature on YFS Radio and Kickin' The Baws. I happened to be chatting to their manager when suddenly I blinked and he seemed to disappear.....This is when I knew the Dominos Pizza stall had got a new delivery.

As I was going home after a long day I got an email from Niall the YFS West Region presenter. His show was ready to be edited. We had been speaking over the past couple of weeks on how to improve the show and presentation styles. Niall has worked really hard and taken on my hints and tips along the way. To create a fantastic show with great/unique segments and a presentation style that is constantly getting better.

West Region Podcast - Episode Three

I am really excited to be working with Niall to eventually create the dream of a slick, well paced, multi voice extravaganza that is both Informative and fun! With interviews, match reports, discussion and special features along with our key player, team and "wild west" features.

I also aim to be doing the same with Mikey in the east region.

I was up until 3am editing Niall's show, I didn't have to be but once I get audio to edit I forget time exists and it's just me and the audio...Thats the way it's always been especially when creating my own podcasts.

On thursday I was in for my Global Cultural Industries class at 1pm, The course seems to take in a lot of sociology and philosophy too. It is a very interesting course with a self confessed dudeist lecturer.....no really and no it's not a typo. The lecturer is funny and he seems to be able to break the lectures down really well.

Rock on dudes! *dudette is both sexist and grammatically wrong, So we are all dudes lol*

How I Met Your Mother Started this week in the USA, I really cannot wait for season nine to air on E4, It's the last season and an end of an era surely!

On friday channel four aired a special one off episode of The IT Crowd....The last episode in fact. It was a really good send off for the show and in a way it left us wanting more. Taking in story arcs about abuse on social media, a jibe at news international, Moss wearing women's slacks and "small person racism". The show was both extremely funny and poignant at times too. especially the ending where Roy says his catchphrase "have you tried turning it off and on again?" before Moss turned off the basement lights and hearing the shows creator Graham Linehan over then end credits (his was the last voice heard) was the cherry on top.

Also More news I'm happy about:

Dumb and Dumber is coming back, I loved that film as a child and can't wait for the new film. Why are people calling Jeff Daniels' emmy win of best actor in a drama series a surprise? I get that he was up against an extremely strong field, Bryan Cranston (another actor from my childhood in Malcolm in the Middle) is a legend but Jeff Daniels portrayal of Will McAvoy in HBO series The Newsroom is exquisite to say the least.

Next week will probably be a more hectic week, I know I will be making a start on all my modules reading lists...Although I kind of already have. Can't wait to see what next week brings!