Back with a vengeance

What can I say? I haven't posted in a long time due to being ultra busy. It's barely an excuse, I know but I have a good reason. For over a year now I have been working on commercial radio. I can imagine all the whooping, cheering and hollering......NOT!!!! Truth is this is barely the first rung on the ladder. It started way back last year when I got an email, Asking if I would be interested in working for a new radio network, at that time named Eklipse Sports Radio.....Bit of a mouthful? lol. The idea was to broadcast sporting news and updates throughout central Scotland on DAB, online and on your smartphone. It started off ok, I found myself being idealistic about radio for the first time in a while. I wanted to lead the charge head on. The hours were and still are tough at times. The tougher thing has been seeing some people come and go, even those you had regarded as friends. Radio is a tough business and if you can't cut the mustard then you can't stick around. That goes for me too.

Being the producer here I have found myself grow, from the beginning sticking my head down and working hard and pushing content, content, content to refining the content and and scheduling and so on. I have had my creative differences with people, I think about ideas and weigh up situations and sometimes they work, sometimes they don't get off the paper they were written on - I have learned not to take it personally. if it doesn't work then it doesn't work.

I then went off to work in production at the Commonwealth Games which were in Glasgow, Oh boy that was fun....Long hours working, presenting pieces for their official channel, logging sports and working at the Field Hockey. I also got to watch many events and have good memories. some that stand out are seeing my Brazilian friend accidentally walk through the judging box at the Gymnastics, collecting various nations/broadcasters badges and ending up at a fast food restaurant with some of the Scottish Netball team and a Barbadian actress at 5am - I still made Eklipse the next day.

Commonwealth Games 2014

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When working at the games you were treated as one of the team and expected to act like it, I took this back with me to ESR, I was intending doing my fourth year at university but I decided against it - I already earned my degree. I hit the ground running coming back to Eklipse, I was more confident to do more. I found myself volunteering to go to events like the Scottish Open Grand Prix - badminton event (it's broadcast live throughout Asia and yet despite Scotland doing well in the sport no one else here really covered it) I also decided to take on the mantle of basketball correspondent.

In January we became RockSport....well we play Rock and talk about the name does exactly as it says on the tin. The launch day was fun, we had former Rangers captain Barry Ferguson in the studio along with James Wallace from Edinburgh Capitals, Matt Haywood from Braehead Clan and Jamie Farndale of Edinburgh Rugby....nice people, fun times.

It still gets me occasionally when I speak to famous sport stars, when they answer the phone saying Hello Jon and how are you.....what I matter? lol it feels nice to be making a mark in radio. I find myself working a lot with various organisations, just the other day we had Braehead Clan captain Matt keith and head coach Ryan Finnerty live in the studio.....really nice,funny guys.

Just had Braehead Clan's Matt Keith and Ryan Finnerty with us on RockSport.

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The weeks seem to fly by these days, long hours and a lot of work. I love it and hope it continues. Every day is a new learning experience and I aim for that to continue for a long while to come.

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