My my what a busy time!

Hey you been way too long hasn't it? I have been busy busy busy and rather neglected the website. Now I’m sure you haven’t noticed lol but in that same vote this is rather important to me, Very web 1.0 I know, or at least web 1.7 (if that is a thing). It’s all very therapeutic to put down my thoughts, feelings and my soon never to be serialised life story. The 25th birthday of the internet has not long passed and we are more connected and closer together but somehow further apart, lost in translation.

I have been run off my feet with university and other work as well as having had my computer broken. Now I must first admit want to set up or at least join a procrastinators anonymous group because I seem to be like that with uni work lately. March was a particularly hectic month for me....was I coming or going, I just don't know! Between family members in hospital (they are fine now) and five different HBSA Radio roadshows ( I attended four) along with commonwealth games orientation (I may be part of it through the Host Broadcast Training initiative...we will see) I was also attending and interviewing at a gig in King Tut's, Glasgow, Attending both days of the Creative Loop, New opportunities and a whole load of radio shows........I had rushed some of my university radio work though because of this, and rushing is never a good thing. I am however determined to keep you all up to date on here, Mixcloud and everywhere else possible.

So yes my Christmas was a quiet one which I prefer, as was my birthday. December was when I started broadcasting on HBSA Radio it's been a blast, In February I started back at university for my second term, It's been pretty hectic. The Host Broadcast Training initiative has been really good, I have learnt a lot I now have a "health and safety passport" and my first sticker is for running outdoor broadcasts, This is valid for five years and totally invaluable for me. The health and safety seminar was held at the city of Glasgow college which I had never been to before, It is very easy to find being right next to Queen Street train station and Buchanan bus station. I knew I was going to be quite early in the morning so I walked from Bothwell street to North Hanover street easy walk and I was still quite early. The day felt long but that was probably because of the early rise.

The commonwealth orientation event was pretty epic, I picked Saturday morning as I had a slight dilemma. I could either attend on the Friday evening and miss my HBSA radio show (Boo!!!!) and make the Irvine leg of the HBSA #BigBadRoadShow (YAY!!!!)  or Do my HBSA radio show (YAY!!!!) and Miss the Irvine leg of the roadshow (Boo!!!!) I decided to do the radio show and miss the roadshow (You are welcome one person!). For the orientation event itself I was early...One of the first in the queue at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, It was raining so I was glad to be one of the few under the shelter of the building, They let us in early though (games makers spirit and all that).

The HBSA Big Bad Roadshows took place throughout Ayrshire in march in Kilmarnock, Irvine, Greenock, Ayr and Kilbirnie as I said I couldn't make Irvine however i made the rest of the roadshows and they were pretty fun, In Kilmarnock I dressed up as Batman *Insert Fat man Joke here* I got lots of attention walking around kilmarnock as the caped crusader as well as people wanting pictures with me however I must bow down to the supremacy of the Stig, All he had to do was stand there and people would want pictures with him and give lots of money to us. Through the weeks I came up with the idea of a mascot dance off between our Zingzilla and elephant, (luckily I was not in the costumes at those times). We got to meet some characters during the roadshows like the two girls who would not leave me alone in Ayr, One of them was really jammy though as she kept winning prizes in our tombola....her friend kept losing which was kind of funny.

I attended the creative loop, this year mainly for the HBTI and it was pretty fun, I got to meet people from Sunset and Vine as well as Global TV. SVGTV are the host broadcasters for the Commonwealth games in Glasgow.

The Creative Loop is always fun, The HBTI finished early on the Thursday which meant I could attend some of the radio events, I also got to meet some old radio buddies and my flowery shirted college lecturer John Collins how is Legend...for real. We a group of us including John were sitting at the bar while the award ceremony was taking place (he got like one million mentions). After the event we got to mingle with all the award winners including someone I know from university, She looked pretty lost as her friends couldn't attend the ceremony and went home so I introduced her to my old college crew (I think she is still ok!)

I had also before the creative loop, attended a gig at King Tut's in's easy to see why it's the best gig venue in the UK. I went to see Polar bears in Purgatory and Your Favouite Enemies, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeff Beaulieu of Your Favorite Enemies before sitting through the sound checks....I was blown away by the bands even then. and of course the gig itself was A-mazing!

.So yeah things have been busy, I am going to be updating here and Mixcloud with my HBSA Radio shows, This year like last I had the March blues where things happening one after the other and I never felt good about most of what i was doing but now I can already look back in hindsight and be happy that things are coming together...Also look out for my news on a possible new opportunities I have....More to come!
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