Year Three: Week Six

Halfway through the first term.

This week has been an odd so many others are,

Monday was a lazy day for the first time in a fortnight. I was researching for my GCI submission. I also got this weeks YFS content from the west sent to me. For whatever reason I couldn't sleep. I remember speaking to King Keytan on facebook at one point early in the evening (he had his research pitch the next day) I couldn't sleep so went back on to Facebook just after 5am, He was still online. I guess he was just getting himself in the mood for Halloween by becoming zombie keytan or something. I felt embarrassed to be yawning away in class the next day when there were people there who had stayed awake for two days straight finishing off their pitch. We had a lecturer in discussing content for our exam in December. YAY an exam!

On Wednesday I was in uni all day In the morning we were to record our voice overs for the five minute news item....I already had! Next week we are to collect Voxpops (Latin for voice of the people) I already have!..It's not that I'm a brown nose or anything but at college we always had tighter deadlines so I am more used to being able to do high quality research, get access, interviews and Voxpops fast. It all bodes well though as it's just ever more experience on the long road we call life....or something like that anyway.

In the afternoon I had studio lab, I went down early as always. The studio was locked as it sometimes is. One of the actors knows a 'not so secret' passageway into the studio. I was following him to this stargate-esque portal when I ran into Mitchy, He was looking for a meeting room, Like all good presidential west wing walks the subject suddenly changed. We eventually found his fabled room. I walked back to the studio expecting the actor dude to have opened the door but the handle from the inside of the door had fallen off so I had the pleasure of walking all the way back round and using the hidden I was going through I did jokingly say "If I end up in Narnia I will kill you"....It was as anti climactic as you knew it would be though...What did I find but the studio I was trying to get into in the first place. It wasn't long before everyone else arrived.

I was asked to change the file name for this weeks recordings, I dutifully did, I then went back into the tricaster system to double check (because I'm like that) and as soon as I clicked the mouse an alarm went off, for one brief weird second I thought JAnet had turned into skynet, It was the fire alarm. Of course I got up and out the room without thinking about my jacket...I had to stand out in the pouring rain, I made a point of not standing under the shelter of the building though just in case it was a real fire.........It wasn't.

We eventually got back in and set up the scene for the first group of actors, A German counterpart in Studio lab....(She is so efficient!) brought her Portuguese friend in to take photos, She was nice but it was the worst possible day for her to come in as half way though the first groups scene the fire alarm went off again. I made a point of getting my coat this time. Myself and the director we stuck outside for ages, by the time we got back they were just about to restart the scene. We got back to our positions and as I sometimes do I said the cheesiest thing possible at that given time as I told the actors "you guys were doing so well, You were so on fire that even the alarm picked it up"....I got laughs if even only for pity...You know like the laughs "comedian" Justin Lee Collins would get because "at least he tried". We were doing great. Our Greek director then decided it would be fun to randomly start saying German words to our floor manager/camera-person. Who is German (she is so efficient!) Mine was schadenfreude.....Yes I know what it means! No it's not a swear word! :p.....I was proud of it anyway.

I got home after a long day and started preparing my pitch for the 5th.....Yes on the same day as bonfire night, Lets just hope it doesn't go up in flames although if the fire alarm goes of during my pitch I will take it as a good sign :p...I'm on fire!

Oh and here was my Halloween costume.
The costume is some sort of post apocalyptic death lol
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