Year Three: Week Three

The week of....I don't know

This week was yet another busy week indeed, So much so I haven't had much time to think let alone reflect on this very late in the day post Monday was my usual very boring Monday, I did find out that my Wednesday morning radio production class was moved to next Monday (as I write this tomorrow) morning at 10am....So an early start to the week for me :p

This Tuesday I had my research class again and it was great, I got some feedback on my pitch idea and I feel I know where to go with my idea now. I also got a three hour lecture on the power rangers...Well it felt like three hours anyway...I started editing for the YFS West Region podcast too.

West Region Podcast: Episode 5

On Wednesday I only had a half day, I was in for Studiolab, I was floor manager this week, I love being floor manager especially when the gallery are on the ball and I don't have the curse of the walkie-talkie....but it's an experience to learn from. Later on the train I also got to speak about radio as the theatre of the I was happy :)

On Thursday I had GCI, I almost missed my bus stop to the train station because the lecturer posted a link about maps...Now it wasn't just a map of the world, The maps were looking at things like countries that use the metric system and countries the UK haven't invaded and such like. I had a quiet lunch at the train station...yes that's my life at the moment :p. When I went into class my friend David and I had a slight Facebook squabble, He added someone and had to find someone else through their friends list (he insists it's in no way stalking..and in fairness it wasn't) Anyway it turns out I had added the person he was trying to add....He just added a random person and they accepted :p. I also edited the YFS East region podcast too.

East Region Podcast: Episode 3

Friday was just another boring day where I was getting ready to help YFS cover the the Girls cup semi finals on the Saturday, I had lot's planned but never got anything done...I guess I really overslept.

On Saturday I was up really early to go to Ravenscraig near Motherwell to be the sound engineer at the Girls cup semi finals, It was a long day spent outside in the cold. I was the Outdoor sound engineer and worked on three games...It took a lot out of me nonetheless, I went home and slept for three hours and yet I still managed to sleep all that night too.....

Ah the joys of an early morning Monday start....I shouldn't complain, I'm relatively certain I can't complain, But I will anyway.

More to come next week...stay tuned, or whatever else they say......

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