Year Three: Week Four

The Week that I wrote a week later,

There had been a rather nondescript start to the week, More boring if anything. I was in on Monday with my radio class being moved for a couple of weeks from the Wednesday. (the class I was talking about being the early start in my last post)
There were only three of us in the class, There are normally eight. It was a good class, We were listening to different features and news shows. After class I had to go up to Glasgow to collect my Zoom H4N and 32GB SDHC card I reserved at maplin. The Zoom H4N is a top of the range audio recorder for all situations.....And for me it's been three and a half years in the waiting.I also got a new Jacket and shoes (fun right?)

On Tuesday our research class was taken over by a library skills class....The class is basically how to reserve a book from the UWS library and online as well as how to Harvard reference different types of writings. We get the library skills class every year to help refresh our memory however......It seems to go over my head. I try and listen and can understand everything but I'm been given a wall of information that I can't breakdown. We had to do an exercise on the references which myself, David and King Keytan (No really!, He only wishes to be called this) worked together on. We also watched each others short films again. I survived this weeks King Keytan Pokemon lecture......I believe he calls himself King Keytan because he gets confused between Craig and Craggy Way. Well that's what I was told anyway......

I also edited the West Region Podcast for YFS

YFS West Region Podcast: Episode 6

Wednesday was Studiolab day....I was only in on the afternoon. I spent so much time in a daze during the morning that I completely missed the earlier bus and train. I was going to go in earlier so I could go buy someone a birthday present.....I did however get into Studiolab just on time ;). This week in Studiolab I was the vision mixer, I was working with a first year as director...She was very good! The actors were taking their improv to a whole new level with 'place' being their main thought. We had cues to work with as well. There is nothing like flying by the seat of your pants...It's scary at first then somehow exhilarating as you wait for the actors every move and especially their cue.

I randomly met a friend on the train home which was nice, Although I must have been a nuisance, I kept on yawning (Not out of boredom that is for sure).

on Thursday afternoon I had GCI, We are starting two weeks of moodle discussion board classes, We have to discuss and argue against a specific view on globalisation. The class only lasted an hour but it was a good class as we got to understand the workings of how this discussion board would work. Half way through the class I almost bust out laughing, I noticed Myself, David and King Keytan were inadvertently sitting the same way, We were sitting up straight and arms folded....(it wasn't really funny.....I know!

Because of the early finish Myself and David had to wait around the train station for ages.....

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent doing very little, I felt that after my sound production heroics from Ravenscraig last week I deserved a rest (I was just being lazy)

Today (Monday) I was rather busy, I had radio production in the morning (which was a fun class), I also traveled up to Glasgow to meet a friend, I hadn't seen her in forever basically. It was great fun chatting with her about life and other stuff :p....

Before I met up with her I decided to give the Chinese supermarket a visit. I think I could have just about bought the whole shop to be honest. I ended up settling on three things

Seafood flavoured noodles, Taro Mochi and a bottle of cold milk tea.
Yes I know I could have done better but hey I was in a rush because I was meeting my friend :)

This has been a weird week, I thought I was making headway but that was superficial, I need to get my head down and try and work hard.
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