Year Three: Week Five

The week I realised my post titles were boring.

I written this on Sunday but went away to do stuff and didn't post it lol

Of course last week I posted on Monday, due to laziness but this week has been very different. As you know I had my radio class on Monday and met a friend in Glasgow too and got some yummy stuff from the Chinese supermarket.

Tuesday was a great day, I went into uni with an amazing idea for my pitch in research was like a moment of clarity really, We also had a guest lecturer. I stayed back after class to both annoy David and research for my graded radio segment and pitch for research class......I hit on some pretty good stuff and I guess got lucky with it too as you will find out.

I also edited The West Region Podcast - Episode 7 for YFS

On Wednesday I was in studio lab and was working behind the Camera. It was a good

I also edited The Central Region Podcast - Episode 7 for YFS

Thursday was a very long day, I was procuring interviews and access for my radio piece. It took a while but I got it sorted.....I was really happy as I would be able to test my new Zoom H4N recorder.

I was part of the crew that was filming Kickin' the Baws for Youth Football Scotland in Ayr......Last week I spoke about how I sometimes love the 'flying on the seat of your pants' attitude....Well at times we were doing that was their first time filming the show so they wanted to take risks and try some stuff out. I was all things to all men, Set design. Camera operation, vision mixing, some directing and sound engineering (especially when the band performed) It was a great night, a long night but a good one. We had a Hibernian "star player" in for an interview too. At one point he was asking for advice, I thought he was meaning on interviews and media but I now genuinely believe he was asking how to play better football.......Goodness knows Hibs need to learn how, and fast........ :p. I didn't get home until after midnight.

On Friday I was in Troon......Yes really! I was there for my radio shizz. I had to go into university first to print off some release forms so I missed breakfast, I thought I would miss lunch too.....I know I know I could be doing with missing a few meals lol........When I got to Troon I had to go to the episcopal church...really easy to find, I also found they laid on a spread too.....Not for me (Troon are hardly that desperate for Tourists).....I felt like I was in Calender girls or Hot Fuzz....One of those places with cricket stumps in the village green and where the women's institute who are having as a guest speaker. A man who was captured by Somali pirates get it horrifically wrong by dressing up as pirates to meet him (True Story). I was hobnobbing with local politicians and reverends alike. I was given free reign of a massive room too where I conducted interviews. I set three chairs on a stage and my H4N on a mic stand, I felt like Andrew Neil or David Frost (although nowhere near as worthwhile) I interviewed the two politicians who were there, Labour and Conservative....( When I heard this my eyes lit up with beacons) I covered a lot in the interviews....My story is mainly of the now and lots of key issues had to be discussed. I felt I done ok (at best) I interviewed Reverend Tom Montgomery too. A really great guy who basically gave me the access and the rights to do what I wanted to get done.

The day wasn't over yet as I still had to get a costume and go to a Halloween scare night or as my friend called it "cavorting in a field" I told her there is no cavorting....she doesn't believe me!

My weekend was spent recovering lol....oh and watching formula One
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