Year Three: Week Two

Week two, the week things start to settle. Well you would think anyway. Due to some unforeseen circumstances I got some of the YFS content later than normal which meant I was up until the wee hours of wednesday and thursday editing the west and east region podcasts....I'm sure I didn't have to be but once I get audio to edit time becomes non existent.

Tuesday this week was a simple enough day, I had to hand in my first draft idea for my pitch in research class. I am pitching my TV show idea on the 5th of remember remember the 5th of november has a whole new meaning this year lol.

On wednesday because I was editing most of the night before I only had a couple of hours sleep, Now this was not a major issue in the morning as I had my radio A class with the seven other students in it . Another class tried to hijack our room but Chris my lecturer eventually told them where to go......The cafeteria lol. One of the things we had to listen to on wednesday was the shipping forecast, Now the shipping forecast is a good example of radio but try listening to it when you are tired!. In the afternoon I was doing studiolab with the actors for a second week. I was hoping to maybe do sound again or be a camera operator but I was thrust into the role of director....Week two was the week many of the production staff had other stuff on so there was only a few of us. I had a Floor manager whose first language was not english, Now he was very easy to communicate with that was not a problem although he sometimes found the accents a slight issue. He had to be floor manager and a camera operator......we were running that short. So he had a lot put upon him and the actors at times were not very forgiving. We were running so short our producer who is also a member of university staff had to also become a camera operator halfway through the day. Everyone is starting to understand their roles so studiolab should run smoother as time goes on.

As I previously mentioned I was editing a podcast for wednesday:

West Region Podcast - Episode 4 

Thursday was slightly more relaxed as I had Global Cultural Industries, Although I was waaaay more tired, I felt like a zombie (or at least how I imagine it would feel like to be a zombie).....I wonder though if I was the most tired of my friends as on the way home David was trying to get us onto the Kilmarnock train....I'm really not sure why either.... I forgot to mention last week but David kept almost getting juice (soda) down him on the train....only once by me!...The other time by actresses we met.

I edited a podcast for thursday too

East Region Podcast - Episode 2 

Yes it's true, I've been waiting for a chance to start watching Breaking Bad before it finished but alas it never came so I decided to start watching the day after it finished. I've finished season one now. Very good indeed
and as far as I am aware (don't tell me!!!!!!!!) It gets better :p. This is when all the good shows start and I'm sure I will miss most of them due to being extremely busy.

Next saturday I will be working at the girls cup semi finals in Motherwell for Youth Football Scotland. Will be interesting to work on the commentary production side and busy I'm sure. I will also be working on the recording of Kickin' the baws for Youth Football Scotland on the 24th too...The 24th will be a long and fruitful day.

I'm supposed to have relatives coming over from America in the next week or so. One does wonder if their government shutdown goes any further if they will be able to get back when they plan too. (Just a random thought so no politics please!!!!!!!)

Bring on week three!

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