Year Three: Induction Week

Well what can I say. It's finally here. Year three at university, My degree year. I had a very busy week although I doubt it will be my busiest this year. On tuesday I had my induction day, this year was just a thirty minute one but it was very informative nonetheless. I have two radio production modules, Global Cultural Industries, Rights and creative industries and Research and last but not least sitcom writing for radio and TV.

My phone broke during the summer which was of course very annoying but hey it was a blackberry so no loss. On tuesday I bought a Samsung S4 mini.....Well I don't want to be an iPhone slave, Nothing wrong with the phones or most of their owners but some of them really grate me

"OMG IOS7 is out #Geek"
First of all you are not a geek, you know nothing about coding (as an example) and you only use the word geek because you are trying to be cool which further demeans the word and it's meaning.

***RANT OVER*** 

On wednesday I got a new cover for the phone (can't be too careful) and bought presents. On thursday I celebrated a birthday within the family. Friday was a great day though, Really good day. I attended the host broadcaster training initiative for the commonwealth games in Glasgow 2014. It was so much fun and extremely insightful. I met amongst others BBC Sport and Sportscene host Jonathan Sutherland. I am really keen to be part of the commonwealth games in some form as not only would it be an amazing experience but also a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was also  great to get back with some old friends from second year, One doing TV studio modules and the other filmmaking and screenwriting and a new one from the journalism course in Hamilton. I also told my old film and documentary lecturer Ian I would still make sure to annoy him throughout the year....Ohhh how jokes work themselves out.

On Saturday I was going to the WIRED Music Festival in Ayr, I cannot be someone who turns up on time or late for any events so was their early. As I was walking to the venue my former lecturer Ian was walking towards me. As our eyes met we both took a double take in surprise then he remarked "I know you said you would annoy me but this is to far" We both laughed.

The Wired Music Festival was a 12 hour event with 27 bands on two stages. It was a lot of fun. I even got a limited edition felt tipped designed Twin Planets EP. On the train home I had to stop a load of drunken lecherous salary men in suits from coming on to and annoying a female passenger too, Ah the joys!

Check out some of my pictures from saturday below!

 I'm working on getting more radio time on air and podcast content, I'm also working on a new site design...So watch this space!

Post image by Brian Digital, Flickr

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