Flipside - Short Film

As you guys know I started university this year and one of my modules was to create a short film. Now I have done my fair share of creative work in the past from being in Operas to radio/Podcasts and making documentaries however nothing could have prepared me for the work involved in making this short film, I made sure to constantly be one step ahead and was very very very very lucky that just about everything fell into place in terms of getting actors and what not, indeed Claudette Baker Park and John Willow were fantastic to work with which was great for a first time director like myself. I got everything to look how I wanted it, had issues with the sound and a couple of post production problems but otherwise I'm okay with my effort, Not completely happy but then I doubt I ever will be about any creative work I ever make.

Flipside is about a waster that lives life by the flip of a coin. I would also love to thank and indeed keep thanking Shaun Bartlett forever for giving the production permission to use his fantastic song Love Give Take as it really adds that extra dimension the film needed.

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