Candy Box the next best waste of time

Candy Box

Candy Box created by French indie developer Aniwey is the next big "waste of time" since Facebook game parody Cow Clicker, This ASCII art browser game at first seems like nothing, I mean all you have to do is either eat candies or throw them to the ground but we are a strange bunch us internet users, We get curious over the smallest things so we eat the candies,
Cow Clicker - The Facebook parody game
we throw the candies or we just wait and see how many candies we can accumulate while we chat to friends on Facebook via another tab and before you know it.........Swords become available, we can go on epic quests and buy lollipops and get questioned by a logical frog. This appeals to our askew sense of capitalism as we are getting something for nothing and doing nothing to get it. We become mindless zombies every so often clicking on the candy box browser checking how many candies we now have, what we can buy and going on yet another quest. At this moment in time we don't know who Aniwey is (yet) but what we do know is some statistics Aniwey openly shares about the game, These statistics are updated everyday however I am taking them from the Last update at : (2013-05-05 01:04:36) which shows 343088 saves had been made, The statistics also show the favourite weapon amongst users as well as how many "saves" have killed certain beings and interestingly (maybe) How many "saves" which have finished the game (currently 6829). Aniwey is looking to build a sequel and is looking to have his very own ASCII artist for the game as right now the art shown is either taken or derived from elsewhere. The sequel will include some suggestions sent from users like an autosave feature, offline/Smarphone versions, easter eggs and of course squirrels.
Currently there are no adverts on the website or a Zynga style freemium pay to play more model. Both the python (Linux OS) server and the javascript client will be on a public repository and they will both be free software, Aniwey cites "free as in freedom" and links to the Free Software Foundation. The FSF was founded in 1983 by Richard M. Stallman and is aimed at promoting totally free software that is available to the public and anyone can copy and derive it without fear of their personal information been taken or used without permission, Ethical programming if you will. We shall see how this game progresses and what the sequel will hold when it arrives.

On a random note I am off to Germany on Friday with this week being my hand in for two university modules (Short Film and Studio Production) We recorded our show for studio production on Thursday, It was a very long day but also very fruitful. Alas now is time for the dreaded paperwork and essays and having my nose in many books before my broadcast drama exam. After many close calls this year I finally got an A and it was for a group presentation, Still happy about it!
It's Eurovision very soon and Bonnie Tyler is flying our flag....bring on the Nill poi for Bonnie.
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