A Google birthday surprise

Yay it's my birthday!....So I log on to my computer to see if anyone on Facebook noticed but before I get there I saw this Google doodle when I went to the Google homepage (I was still logged in from my last time online), When I clicked on the doodle I was taken to my Google+ profile. Now I didn't feel all warm inside when I seen the doodle if anything when I spoke of this on my Facebook I joked about them being Skynet.

I get why Google are doing this, I mean it is nice to be made special on your birthday and hey it will make people share more information on their Google+ page. Although it feels weird to be getting a birthday doodle from Google it is by far a more enjoyable birthday message than the automated Emails I get from companies that say Happy Birthday and try and up sell you stuff or make it clear you should be listening to them on the radio right now!!!!!!!. All in all a great piece of marketing and a step towards a more personalised browsing experience.

and I can say OH Yeah well Google remembered it was my birthday! why didn't you? :)

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