It's Christmas! 2012

Hey it's been a long year hasn't it? Now all you want to do is just let Christmas cheer take over, In a year that hasn't seen the world end like predicted, a not so close US election, Superb home Olympics in my native land (commonwealth Games on my doorstep in 2014), continued strife in Syria and more horrific gun crime in the USA. On a personal level I started university and I enjoy it however my time management has not got any better so I've got lots to learn indeed, I shall prevail somehow.

Tell you what I am gutted we never got the zombie apocalypse...Not that I prepared for it being busy with uni work and all, I am looking forward to Christmas and I hope I get my presents on time ;) If your kids are worried about getting their presents on time then they should check the North American Aerospace Defence Command yep that's right...And no you don't need to hack them (as that would be bad lol) instead head here to the Norad Santa Tracker where you can get a realtime update of events (as I write this he is in China).

The origins of the Santa tracker are the kind I love the most being that it happened by accident. Over 50 years ago in Ye olden days when there was a wall separating Berlin and Cold War "shenanigans" were afoot and NORAD was CONAD someone at Sears in Colorado springs created an advert for children to phone Santa, The number that was printed on the ad was the wrong one, The number was actually the hotline for the continental air defense's director Colonel Harry Shoup. Shoup after the second call realised what was going on and asked his staff to give the polar coordinates of Santa to every child who called.

Such a sweet story when you consider the troubles between east and west at the time and the fact it is still happening today I guess is a tribute to Colonel Shoup and NORAD's seasonal goodwill.

Image by Recon Cycles, Flickr
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