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Hey you, I decided to leave it an extra couple of days this week to take in the Super bowl in America. This post will be by in large a Facebook free zone, Even though the IPO is massive news I think the story has been done to death already.

Kim Dotcom and his lifestyle

A few weeks ago I reported that MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom was in jail for copyright infringement well more facts are coming out about his lifestyle. The German/Finnish Computer programmer lived in a Mansion in New Zealand said to be one of the most expensive in the country. He did not always own his house though because he failed the New Zealand "Good Character" test that every migrant has to take to be granted residency and only got his residency in 2010. When granted residency in 2010 Kimble celebrated by shelling out for the new years fireworks display over Auckland, He watched the display 200 metres away in a helicopter. On a Youtube video of the display of the event there is a graphic that shows everyone where the helicopter is.

Until recently Kim was top of the leader board on Modern Warfare 3 and in the 2005 Gumball rally made a bet with two women that if they beat him they would get half a million dollars and if he won he would get a threesome with them. He is a Video Junkie filming many events in his life. It is said he once put up a bounty of $10 Million for Osama Bin Laden and offered the authorities his own advice "Try looking in Kandahar he visits his wife and daughter there at least once a month". He is a man all about creating a spectacle with 21 cars including a pink Cadillac and a Rolls Royce.

When the cops forced their way into Dr Evil's house to arrest him they had to break the electric locks and cut there way into his safe room where they found him holding a shortened shotgun.

(When I refer to him as other names these names are nicknames his friends have already given him)

Super Bowl Whoops!
Jeff Frias, Twitter
The New York Giants may well be a bit over confident this time against the New England Patriots as they accidentally posted that they were Super Bowl champions 24 hours before the big kick off. Hoping for a good game guys :)

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