Social Media News 23rd to 27th January

Facebook Timeline is coming to everyone!

Now when Facebook launched their timeline back at F8 I was one of the 2 million that changed straight away (I already had a real app!) I have to say I really liked it then and even more now. The timeline is the “scrapbook of your life” but actually a way of making Facebook more sticky. Facebook need to show that the timeline is worthwhile for it’s app partners they need to push on to keep up with Google. Users will leave but Facebook are definitely on course for 1billion users by the summer.

My view with the timeline is that it’s a life changer for those of us that want lot’s of information as you can read articles from the likes of the Guardian and Washington Post as well as see what your friends have read you can do the same with music apps like Spotify and MOG and facebooks new subscriptions means that fans can follow your public updates in a more personal and lengthier version of Twitter. (by the way Pyongyang being on my map is an in joke with friends)

It all makes sense now the timeline coming now and 60 new apps! Facebook are going to file for the long awaited IPO next wednesday and when you file your S-1 paperwork your not allowed any announcements or interviews. The IPO is expected to make Facebook $100 billion.

How does this change Facebook for you?

MegaUpload News

There has been another twist in the MegaUpload saga as Kim Dotcom has been refused bail and there’s been another arrest this time of programmer Andrus Nomm. Kim Dotcom has been refused bail as authorities see him is a flight risk, He has previous form for this as after being accused of insider trading in Germany he fled to Thailand before being extradited back and spending five months in jail.

I think the writing could be on the wall for Kim!

The Tweets Still Must Flow

Twitter have announced that tweets can be censored. The news came not long after they announced that twitter will be available in right to left languages like Arabic and Hebrew. Many people are speculating that this will aide some nations trying to stifle the voice of the people but this will also take effect for super injunction cases in the United Kingdom like the one that was broken on Twitter about a certain Welsh man. The user will be notified if their tweet or account is censored and twitter will make that decision public via Chilling Effects.

Videogame News

Could this be the beginning of the end for Nintendo the last of the Videogame old boy’s has reported sales of the Nintendo 3DS to be down 32% on the previous year and a net loss of £398 million. I’m Sega born and bred so I don’t have the same connection to the brand as you might but I think it’s sad to see Nintendo having problems. I hope they can combat this with the new Nintendo Network which is an upgrade to go with their next generation of consoles and be on a par with their Xbox and Playstation rivals as you will be able to download full games and have access to other content added to the ability to already play multiplayer games online.

Are Nintendo irrelevant?

The Next gen Xbox rumoured to be called the 720 will have 6 times more processing power than the current 360 with the AMD 6000 series processor, This means more game detail and and a faster multiplayer experience.

What will Sony’s response be?

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