2012: What are you going to be talking about?

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Well this is it yet another year gone by and like clockwork another one starts. We all get a year older ahem sorry wiser and just a little bit more worse for ware at the new years party, Well you've had a couple of days to recover as I join the ever bigger social media bandwagon and ask what's going to be big online in 2012?

2011 was a bumper year for Social Media with The worldwide occupy movements, The Arab Spring, English Riots and so on but 2012 is going to be just as big for social media from the continued struggle in Syria to the African Nations Cup, Euro 2012, Queen Elizabeth's Diamond jubilee, The London Olympics and the political mud slinging from the U.S as the nation take to the poles.
There's only one way to find out. Fight!
Social Media Warfare

One thing is for sure We are going to use social media and how! but what network? Many are predicting this could be the year that we see Google eating into Facebook's dominance especially now they have launched their own music streaming service and already have the worlds biggest (and newly revamped) Video sharing site and great apps that are the back bone to many businesses such as Spotify and this site right here.Facebook will soon be going public with an IPO on the horizon. One thing is for certain none of the two of them will give up so this may be a fight to the bitter end.

Mobile gaming ain't what it used to be!

Anyone for Tetris

Gone are the days of old school mobile gaming where you had to carry around what is by todays standards nothing more than a paper weight just so you could get a fix of Tetris, Mario or Sonic at school or your friends house. Now gaming is truly mobile and the graphics are as good or better than Nintendo 64 or Playstation 1 games. The major part of new mobile gaming success is the social aspect just look at Zynga they have the biggest titles out there with the likes of Farmville and Cityville and like facebook they are filing for an IPO (this years social media must have accessory). Zynga are asking fo $2bn in funding and have already broken away from Facebook exclusivity now offering multi platform gaming giving users the ability to get Ztag's which is basically another way to befriend each other without having to add them as a friend on your social network which is good because your not going to get loads of random friend requests because of it, Which I know puts people off playing online games.

Change by Social Media
InfoGraphic By Overdrive Interactive
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2012 is a big year as the U.S go to the poles and social media is going to take centre stage with Twitter allowing political ads and as well as politicians twitter, facebook and Google+ pages however one obvious thing to note is just because you're the most talked about doesn't mean your going to win.

Big Sports Year

Let the Games Begin!

This is a massive year for sport With Europe and Africa having their Continental football tournaments and the spectacle that will be the London Olympics along with the game how many nations can Mayor Boris Johnson offend :). It will be fascinating to see How Africa takes to social media with the tournament in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Many Africans have signed up to social networks just to talk about their national side.

What do you think will be the major talking points of 2012?
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