Is This a Worthwhile Publicity Stunt? [OPINION]

Shalom Mark Zuckerberg!
Could this be a late attempt at publicity stunt of the year?

This is... Ahem sorry was Rotem Guez an Israeli entrepreneur and creator of Like Store a company which promises to beef up your social media and Facebook likes artificially. So an Israeli alchemist! some (not me) would say that was apt for this time of year. His thinking behind the name change stunt was that Facebook would never dare sue Mark Zuckerberg. The Reason that Mr Guez or for now Mark Zuckerberg (B) as I will call him is being sued is because he has broken Facebook's terms of use. Mr Zuckerberg (B) says Facebook lawyers have told him to close his business. This is the second time he has got into a legal argument with Facebook. Mark Zucker-(B) has set up a join me-esque website which sets him up as one man against a massive "evil" corporation. The website comes complete with two emails from Perkins Coie from the 1st September and 14th December regarding Like store's violations, Twitter account and ironically a Facebook Fan page.

My Thoughts

This is not going to last Mark (B)'s company Like Store are social Media Alchemist's for a start and he has had to create such a publicity stunt just to get noticed. Get Real Mark Zuckerberg (B) I don't think Facebook will hesitate to sue you! and if it sends out a message to the other companies that create fake likes for social media then great. Let's stand for fairness and transparency!

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