I've been Going a bit Radio GA GA lately!

Hey you, Now as you can imagine things have been relatively hectic lately with the end of unit one at Reid Kerr and an amazing radio partnership with Peter Greenwood. I haven't really been able to give you the fix you need on my blog so here I am to tell you about all the goings on.

I've been on Mixcloud for a while indeed It's a free stylish and easy to use service to upload podcasts, radio shows and DJ mixes and they pay all the PRS costs and so on. I like it because I can show all my work to you and the best part is they are one of the companies Facebook entered into partnership with when creating "Facebook Music" so with better integration for you to listen to the shows and of course I have the potential to reach over 800 million users. so a win win me thinks LOL. Any music requests or ideas for talking points would be awesome. We mainly talk about new and upcoming movies and Video Games like the new Doctor Who movie thats in the pipeline or GTA V to contact the show leave a comment under this post or click on Facebook or Mixcloud and leave your comments there.

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