Facebook 2.0 An introduction to the new features

OK Peeps as I'm sure you know Facebook had their Woodstock yesterday at F8. The picture you see above is the top of my Timeline, The scrapbook of my life at least on Facebook. I was a big fan of the tabloid-esque on this day last year feature facebook created as it gave me a great insight into my friends thoughts on past major and minor events. I love the idea of curating my own scrapbook! It's what we all used to do back in the day with MySpace and although limited and cold the personalisation aspect won us over and let's face it only you live your life and Facebook are using events in your life rather than the Myspace answer which was What's your favourite things? It is a warmer more personal experience that is aimed at encouraging us all to share more.

Keeping on the subject of sharing Facebook are using a new feature with a tag line that sounds like something Steve Jobs would say as now you can verb any noun, This means that I no longer just like Battle Royale but I read Battle Royale or watched Battle Royale. Critics have said this new system will lead to information overload but I think it is just aimed at encouraging us to share more even when we don't actually like what we've watched or heard. Bear in mind the like button was such a success for Facebook because it was in essence you recommending something to your best friend so this just adds a more personal touch. (by the way I do like Battle Royale Nay I love it as a book, film and a manga!).

Good News! Friends can spam your news feed no more as the ticker now carries all the trivial little things about what they done in a game their playing or what they have just liked. The ticker will be the home of Facebook's big game changer as now you will be able to see what your friends are reading, watching and listening to and join them in doing so thus making your experience more social and as Spotify's Daniel Ek says this feature should encourage us to actually buy music. which makes everybody happy!

Facebook have reached some amazing milestones lately with over 800 million users and a few weeks back they had an astonishing 500 million users visit in one day.

Here is what happened when Andy Samberg opened F8 for Mark Zuckerberg! Note how he was making some very good and real points as well as being funny!

Did you watch F8? What do you think of the changes?
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