Year Three: Week One

Hey guys, Well my first week of classes finished this week, I have a good idea of what is expected of me this year :p I also have a lot of work to do. My first class was a tuesday afternoon class called research. Now I guess research is self explanatory and probably seen as quite simple but it truly is the foundation of the media industries. My Lecturer is Lynn Sinclair....Lynn is a lecturer I like because she doesn't take any rubbish but also because she explains things so well. I have to create a ten minute pitch for four weeks time, I need to pitch an idea for a show by myself. Such a good challenge!

On wednesday..well now wednesdays are a long day this term indeed. In the morning I have radio production A, In this course we have to make a graded news item, Radio show, Adverts and documentary.  These are all things I've done before so I at least know what is expected of me. The radio module this year only has eight of us in class, I think this is a good thing because I can have more time with the lecturer and that all the egos have gone to the TV module. I volunteered for the Studio Lab this year too. Studio lab is basically a collaboration between acting students and production students with the actors taking centre stage.....(They have the ideas first then we work out how to film it). I was working on sound this week.

I have to sit about for one and a half hours between my radio production class and Studio extended lunch if you will lol. This week was freshers week. There were lots of stalls so I got many pens, erasers, wristbands, bottle openers and eventually some free pizza. I used my time to talk to some of my film student friends and the manager of Ratios.....a great band that I am trying to feature on YFS Radio and Kickin' The Baws. I happened to be chatting to their manager when suddenly I blinked and he seemed to disappear.....This is when I knew the Dominos Pizza stall had got a new delivery.

As I was going home after a long day I got an email from Niall the YFS West Region presenter. His show was ready to be edited. We had been speaking over the past couple of weeks on how to improve the show and presentation styles. Niall has worked really hard and taken on my hints and tips along the way. To create a fantastic show with great/unique segments and a presentation style that is constantly getting better.

West Region Podcast - Episode Three

I am really excited to be working with Niall to eventually create the dream of a slick, well paced, multi voice extravaganza that is both Informative and fun! With interviews, match reports, discussion and special features along with our key player, team and "wild west" features.

I also aim to be doing the same with Mikey in the east region.

I was up until 3am editing Niall's show, I didn't have to be but once I get audio to edit I forget time exists and it's just me and the audio...Thats the way it's always been especially when creating my own podcasts.

On thursday I was in for my Global Cultural Industries class at 1pm, The course seems to take in a lot of sociology and philosophy too. It is a very interesting course with a self confessed dudeist really and no it's not a typo. The lecturer is funny and he seems to be able to break the lectures down really well.

Rock on dudes! *dudette is both sexist and grammatically wrong, So we are all dudes lol*

How I Met Your Mother Started this week in the USA, I really cannot wait for season nine to air on E4, It's the last season and an end of an era surely!

On friday channel four aired a special one off episode of The IT Crowd....The last episode in fact. It was a really good send off for the show and in a way it left us wanting more. Taking in story arcs about abuse on social media, a jibe at news international, Moss wearing women's slacks and "small person racism". The show was both extremely funny and poignant at times too. especially the ending where Roy says his catchphrase "have you tried turning it off and on again?" before Moss turned off the basement lights and hearing the shows creator Graham Linehan over then end credits (his was the last voice heard) was the cherry on top.

Also More news I'm happy about:

Dumb and Dumber is coming back, I loved that film as a child and can't wait for the new film. Why are people calling Jeff Daniels' emmy win of best actor in a drama series a surprise? I get that he was up against an extremely strong field, Bryan Cranston (another actor from my childhood in Malcolm in the Middle) is a legend but Jeff Daniels portrayal of Will McAvoy in HBO series The Newsroom is exquisite to say the least.

Next week will probably be a more hectic week, I know I will be making a start on all my modules reading lists...Although I kind of already have. Can't wait to see what next week brings!
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