£1 GBP for MySpace?

Hey guys…….and dolls, I know it’s been a while since I last posted, I do have an excuse! I have become producer for the east and west regions of Youth Football Scotland’s radio and podcast Output. As you can imagine I am overjoyed to land such a role because I get to use my awesome skills more, but also because Scottish football is constantly going in and out of crisis and no one is really paying attention to our youth system, Our youth players need credit. My guys cover both the girls and boys leagues in our regions. The national YFS output also covers live commentaries too.

Aside from all of that I had my head up my backside trying to do a module resit for university, I passed it second time round at least…..PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I will be starting 3rd year at university very soon and I really look forward to it as I am able to really concentrate on radio this year. I have two terms of radio broadcasting weekly on UWS Radio (More details to come soon), I really hope to push a live oriented show with lots of interviews live bands and general shenanigans. There will also be modules on research, rules and regulations as well as looking at radio globally. I’m looking forward to the Situation comedy: Radio and TV module as well. I am also hoping to start broadcasting weekly radio shows for YFS Radio soon too. I am going to be looking for lots and lots of opportunities out there and will be releasing some (old) New and (new) New podcasts too So watch this space!.....Please :p

A thought entered my head today! No it’s ok it’s a normal thought, Nothing about aliens or killer robots. You know MySpace?...Yeah!...Well a source told me (I’ve always wanted to say that lol)

"Just heard the Vanderhooks are laying off more Myspace people starting with President Roger Mincheff."

Now I’m not strictly sure what this means. Are they bringing someone new in? Usurping Mincheff’s job or are they getting ready to sell the old boy yet again? One thing I do know is that:

Tim and Chris Vanderhook I will buy MySpace for £1…..no really! The site you want to create is being done a million times over and better by other networks, Crowd sourced Radio is extremely common. I have said in the past that the only way your idea would work is if you concentrated more on or only on unsigned bands based on the NRK Untouched model. If you used that model then you could gain huge amounts of advertising revenue plus have slots on TV and Radio networks worldwide and be back to being cool MySpace but also a MySpace that is doing something different.

Is my proposal cheeky? Yes! Is it necessary? I believe so!

I believe MySpace could be a major media network broadcasting on TV and radio one day. MySpace may not have it’s own national channels but an app for connected TVs where the user controls the content. Connected TV’s will probably be the biggest challenge of all as now you will be able to affect what people watch 24/7. A MySpace channel would be the route to go down as there will be many apps to promote user submitted content and indeed curated content from around the world.

MySpace would be 100% social with social media playing a central role to the channel but also one that affects the channel content itself. I know you guys, Tim and Chris want the fourth estate to have a big say in how your site is currently run. With a 100% social channel you become the channel for the people by the people. You could also look to create internships through colleges or Universities and give the next generation of content creators a chance to shine.

Also as a side note what the heck is the deal with twerking? I mean come on!, Seriously we have bigger things to worry about than twerking. Not all that long ago I seen something shocking on Twitter and it was that twerking was trending higher (In the UK) than either Assad or Syria. I’m not going to talk about Syria here but surely something is wrong when a publicity stunt trends higher than another possible war.

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