Psy is Back, Thatcher and Berlin

Perfect timing Really as the world is watching the Korean Peninsula and all the rhetoric and war talk from Kim Jong Un and Co, Last years YouTube sensation Psy is back with new single Gentleman (I was according to YouTube viewer 302). Gentleman is a very hypnotic tune and very pleasing to hear as a listener. I think Psy is going into be in for a very hard time because many Bandwagon passengers will instantly say Gentleman is not as good as Gangnam Style rather than look at the bigger picture.


Music news in the UK this week has all been about a song from the Wizard of Oz called Ding Dong the Witch is dead and an online campaign to get the song to number one as a way to mark the passing of Margaret Thatcher. I can't say I was ever a fan of hers but then again I was born in 1990 so can't really have a meaningful opinion on her politics, What I can say is sheer respect should be in order as someone has died and no matter what you think of her it was a watershed moment in UK history when she became our first female Prime Minister. Since our official top 40 chart is broadcast on BBC Radio 1 they are naturally stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to what to do about this song, The BBC decided that they would not play the full song as that would be disrespectful but they would play a few second sample within a news item telling listeners why the song is in the charts, I personally believe this is the best way to go as most of BBC Radio 1's remit would be my age or younger therefore don't know her or her politics so therefore this would be a case for informing and educating listeners and that is what the BBC aim to do.

Me News

The next few weeks will be big for me as I have been helping German students from FH Brandenburg with a project taking pictures of Glasgow and merging them with pictures of Glasgow from the past, I was more or less their guide taking them around the city (And I mean around as I think we all have sore legs now). They were very attentive with their work and very nice people but you do sometimes curse the language barrier when they have set up their tripod and camera in the middle of the road on Renfield Street and a double decker bus is barrelling towards them and you are trying to shout MOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!! and they don't seem to understand. I am hopefully going to Berlin next month to do the same there. Next week I will be filming my short film with cast, crew, Location and equipment ready and writing a third draft of my script as well. I am hoping (naively I'm sure) for a fast turnover so I have a good amount of time in post production. I started out by trying to write a comedy but it quickly morphed into a serious drama....Weird how these things happen. Yes when it is finished I'm sure I will find away to annoy you with the film on here so don't you worry :)
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