Social Media News 9th to 13th January

Its official 5 minutes to the end of the world!

Where's Will Smith or Bruce Willis when you need them? No,it isn't the latest Hollywood blockbuster (That's Blockbuster Mr Milliband!) Instead it is from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists who have moved the hand of the doomsday clock forward one minute to 23:55pm although a largely symbolic gesture they have cited three major reasons as causing them to move the clock hand one minute forward.

  • Nuclear Weapons: More countries such as North Korea and Iran have nuclear weapons but another 20 to 30 nations have the ability if not the intent to create these weapons.
  • Climate Change: the IPCC has warned that the earth temperature will increase between 2 and 10 degrees over the next 100 years.
  • Biosecurity: The advancements of Genetics and Biology could mean that individual groups could create new pathogens and could intentionally or not harm us all.

This speculation is backed up by research which in my mind makes their thoughts much more worthwhile than Harold Camping's attempt to top up his pension fund.

Google Vs Twitter

Last week I was talking about how a war between Google and Facebook would define the year well so far its Twitter that has been putting the boot into the release of Search plus your world which they say is giving Google an unfair advantage. Using both @WWE and +WWE tags Twitter shown that the WWE have more of a following on Twitter so should appear first on a Google search result but do not. Twitter have had this claim backed up by privacy watchdog EPIC who have filed a complaint to the FTC in America, EPIC say google are highlighting Google+ search results at the expense of more relevant pages and that Google are using their search engine to create an unfair advantage.

Reddit Blackout

Reddit have decided to black out their site on the 18 of January from 8am to 8pm ET in protest to SOPA a bill in U.S parliament. SOPA is a bill that if it came to be law would create a blacklist of websites that infringe on copyright and can be closed down, companies like Paypal would be forced to stop doing business with them and would prevent access to the site from the U.S. Many major companies argue that it destroys the internet freedoms that we hold dear. Although Reddit know their users don't react well to down time they believe they will understand.

Social Media Saves lives!

With the morbid and fighting nature of this post I think it important that we end on a high. Georgie Fletcher was playing words with friends (the game Alec Baldwin was removed from a plane because we wouldn't stop playing) she met Beth Legler from Missouri in a random game, However Georgie's husband Simon was experiencing some health issues so Beth consulted her husband Larry who is a doctor and he said they should go straight to a hospital. Simon had a 99% blockage near his heart. It was very lucky they went when they did!

Three months on Simon is alive and well and has expressed his gratitude to Larry 

"I owe everything to Larry...I'm really lucky to be here" 

What a week it's been in the land of Social Media! Reddit's black out is still to come and the FTC are still to look into Google's new venture you plus the world.

What do you think of the week just past?

What do you think is going to happen next?

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