Google+ or -

Is this going to be the newest social networking fad?

Google have had their fair share of fails over the years but I guess you would expect that from the search engine to the web but what is google+ and just why would you need it?

First off it is just a one stop social home for all your google products like the immensely popular Blogger and Picasa (incidentally these are being rebranded for google+ as Google Blogs and Google Photos respectively and no YouTube will not be affected!) so it is not a stand alone service like facebook.

Early signs in Beta stage are good with more than 10 million invited members and more than a billion items shared everyday so what do we see in Google's newest and very carefully scripted venture into social networking, Well first off you would be forgiven for thinking it was a Facebook copy as It lets people share photos and status messages, chat with friends and acquaintances and follow news updates.

So lets have a look at the components of Google+

A prominent feature called circles allows users to organise the people they interact with into groups, such as Family, Friends or Stalkers. so thankfully you don't need to share everything with everyone.
It's an add on of circles and As the picture suggests it's a group text chat feature aimed at keeping you in the loop when organising something with friends in a certain circle.

Very much like huddle except for the obvious difference that this is video chat where you and your friends or business acquaintances can talk in real time and see each other as well. Again this works off of circles so you won't get any unwanted advances from strangers.


The least interesting component of Google+ You Share a list of interests with your circles I say least interesting because it's a feature as old as social networks themselves it seems, however sparks will be pivotal to the success of Google+ as our online behaviour is changing we are spending loads of time on social networks and becoming more reliant on recommendations from our friends and they have a lot of ground to make up as half of facebook's 750milion users log in daily and 250million have connected with outside websites in one form of another whether it be by liking, recommending or logging in using there facebook password. If you use Bing while logged into Facebook then your searches will be tweaked towards your preferences because Facebook and Bing formed a search partnership. Google seem intent not just on creating another social network but a form of Social Internet with their new +1 feature in the Google search results page where the more +1's a page gets from your friends the more likely you are to see it and if they opted in you can see your friends that pressed the +1 button.

Don't worry it's going mobile! Google+ has an app out in the android market and it is expected to have instant integration with GPS, Video and Camera enabled phones. Location tagging of messages, photos and Video with your GPS data should be on an opt in basis as should the instant uploading of every photo you take with your handset. Google are still pushing Cloud Computing or "The Cloud" so all the data you upload will be stored in The Cloud.

This is not the start of the global domination of Google, No this may well signal their victory parade!

What do you think? Do you want to be on Google+? Are you already on Google+ if so what do you think of the site so far?
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